Our vision is to be a relevant force for Christ's grace, truth and love.



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Welcome to Morgan Hill Presbyterian Church.  I’m Pastor Dennis and I’m glad you are visiting our website. One of the great things about our church is that it’s an all-generation family. There’s a place for you here.  You will be welcomed.   I look forward to seeing you soon.



Preparing for our NEW SENIOR PASTOR, Frank Riley and Jenny (arriving 3/26)!

  • sermon series : transitions in the life of jesus

    Final sermon 2/26

    Pastor Dennis and Kristina will be with us for the final time on 2/26, a worship service packed with music, celebration, the ordination of our newly elected Deacons and Elders and an after service reception to celebrate all that God has done and IS DOING here at MHPC!  Partings are sweet sorrow and someone wise once noted, "An ending is simply a new beginning."  Well said - come on 2/26 to end and begin again together!

  • PREACHING March 5th and 12TH

    We are blessed to welcome Pastor Rick Pennington, of our Bluewater Presbytery Committee on Ministry, who will be preaching for two weeks while we wait for Pastor Frank to arrive.  Rick always has great stories to share and a passion for our Lord.


    The NEST is opening SOON (there are still a few cabinets to bolt down before adding our kids back in).   Sunday 2/19 was the Open House to preview our nearly finished NEST for our littlest brothers and sisters!  God brought a flood back on Memorial Day weekend to wipe away the old and create space for His littlest ones in our community.  Invite neighbors and friends to come check out this wonderful safe space for children 3 and under.