our staff

  • Frank Riley

    senior Pastor

    Phone: 408.779.2820

    Email: pastorfrank@mhpc.org

    Excited to belong to a growing community like Morgan Hill, our pastor recently pulled up stakes from a vibrant East Coast Congregation of a 1,000 to make his home with us. A native Californian, surf – tacos – and High Sierra exploration are no strangers to him. A visionary leader with a joyful countenance and an innate sense of possibility – he has also been around the block a few times – not only planting churches and leading others to growth – but also serving combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. During the week you’re also likely to find him riding, running or swimming a few thousand yards in the local tank. Married with two kids – Frank understands the challenges of raising a family in today’s hectic world. If you are looking for a church home – this season with a new pastor just might be the perfect time for your new beginning.   

  • Sophia knappe

    director of  YOUTH ministry

    Phone:  408.779.2820

    Email:  youthministry@mhpc.org

    Sophia was raised by missionary parents (the Allards/just.equipping) and has travelled extensively serving God where needed.  As a student in Canada, she worked for the Canadian Bible Institute and has a passion for igniting a love for God and service to Him in everyone around her.  She models servant leadership and compassionate involvement to all around her.  She knows the perfect mix of fun and joy that a life with God should reflect -- your teens will LOVE being a part of RAD (gr 6-8) or ECHO (gr 9-12)! (click here for more details)

  • Carol kral

    director of children and family ministries

    Phone:  408.779.2820

    Email:  childrensministry@mhpc.org

    Carol has an artist's eye, a need to organize everything, and a deep desire to encourage creativity and faith in children. Ideally she would spend her time with a bunch of children, knee deep in paint, glue, and random art materials, while leading choruses of high energy worship songs. (But all the materials would have properly labeled bins.) Utilizing her innate rapport with children, Carol has taught pre-school, Sunday School, MAD (our Music, Art & Drama) Camp, and MAD Friday. Carol loves to watch the light bulbs go on in children’s brains when they discover that Biblical truth is relevant to their own lives. Carol is married to a Silicon Valley engineer and has recently launched her two children into adulthood.