History of our church

1898 until Present

On the last Sunday of June 1897, in the Live Oak School (when it was next to the present Grange Hall), a small group of interested Christians joined in worship to organize a church in Morgan Hill. Twenty-three members from fourteen families officially formed our church on January 22, 1898.

Our first church building was on the southwest corner of Dunne Avenue and Church Street.  We are how church street received its name.   We still have our original purchase deed for $1, signed by Catherine Dunne herself.  

Ten years later in 1914, the church building was moved to what is now First Street to get away from the noise of the railroad.
In 1957, our church became so full that the leaders made plans to relocate to the present site on the corner of Dunne and DeWitt Avenues. On June 27, 1965 the church held its first service on their new location (corner of W Dunne & DeWitt Avenues).    Since then there have been other additions, including the completion of new offices and our Family Life Center in 2014.

In 2015, we became part of a new movement called the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO). Dedicated to the Primacy of Christ, the Centrality of the Scriptures, Connection of the Whole with Individual Freedom of Congregations, and Embrace of Men and Women in Leadership, ECO has a heart to see people grow in faith, wisdom and grace. 

In 2020, the congregation voted to change the name of our church to Grace Hill .   That leading for a name change came as our pastor preceded the celebration of communion with this explanation:   "Centuries ago, there was a hill known as Golotha which means the place of the skull.   For those living in that time, it was a horrible place of execution.   No place of life, Golgotha or Calvary as it is often called, was the hill of death.   But an amazing change took place as Jesus was crucified -  Death Hill became Grace Hill."

A simple introduction to celebrating Communion/The Lord's Supper, but within minutes many were asking, "That's it! Could our church name be
Grace Hill?"

A Name to Tell a Story

A Name Emphasizing Grace and the Source of Grace